Removing Links on Your Tag Heuer Watch

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The first time you wear a new Tag Heuer watch, you probably won't be able to think of your timepiece as anything other than perfect. If you bought a watch from the Formula 1 collection, for example, that means you now own a stylish, sophisticated, and top quality timepiece. The problem with Tag Heuer watches and other brands, however, is that you might eventually realize that your purchase is only almost perfect—that is, it doesn't fit exactly right.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by removing some links, a quick and easy process you can do all by yourself. To confirm that your watch has removable links, check and see if your watch has tiny holes on the links closest to the clasp. If you don't see any holes, your watch isn't adjustable.

Next, you need to find out how many links you will be removing. To do this, put the watch on your wrist and pull the band together with your thumb and forefinger until it fits snugly. Take note of how many links are between you thumb and finger. This is how many you should remove — if you're in between two numbers, err on the side of a looser watch!

To actually remove the links, use a tool called a small hole punch to access the hole of the link you want to remove. Push until the link bar comes out the opposite side, then detach the link bar with a pair of pliers. Next, repeat the steps above to detach the link from the clasp as well as the band.

Finally, you can reconnect your Tag Heuer watch by reinserting one of the link bars you already removed. Make sure to press it in thoroughly for an even fit.


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